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Celebrities at the casino

The goal of any gambler is to win money. Often they rely on luck. But the following heroes have proven that not only luck can help win. A little trick – and you can earn a million.

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Ben Affleck.

Actor Ben Affleck is lucky in his career, in love and in blackjack. And the cards are lucky to such an extent that the owners of the casino Hard Rock imposed a lifetime ban on card games in their institution.

In 2001, Affleck was lucky enough to win 800 thousand dollars in this casino. But when the oscar-winning director successfully played blackjack in 2014, he was accused of counting cards. A casino security officer approached him and politely asked him to try his luck in other games.

A ban on Affleck could upset the gambling staff: dealers, pit bosses and waitresses. During a particularly lucky night spent at a gaming table, he managed to win 145 thousand dollars and demonstrate his gratitude by giving it all to the casino staff.

Bruce Willis.

But Bruce Willis is welcome to the casino’s playgrounds. And no wonder, because he once dropped over $100,000 for playing craps. So when he once won $500,000 in baccarat at a casino in Atlantic City, that didn’t bother the owners.

In 2017, while at the MGM Grand Casino, Willis was quietly rolling the dice, while the rest of the audience watched Floyd Maver’s epic fight against Conor McGregor, which took place here. In 2003, fans noticed a Hollywood actor at Route 66 Casino. He was sitting at a craps table, buying up $5,000 worth of chips. Willis bet $9,000 and ended up winning 25,000 green.

Charlie Sheen.

For Charlie Sheen, gambling was kind of fun. During his divorce from Denise Richards, it turned out that he was losing $200,000 a week. When his wife went into labor, on the way to the hospital, Sheen called his bookie and bet on a sports event. Supposedly, he’d since given up gambling forever. Maybe he just went to the gamble the wrong way.

Shin’s brother Emilio Estevez, on the other hand, made the most of it. He became a successful player on the blackjack team led by Rob Reitzen, one of the most successful players in history.

Drew Carey.

Sometimes the stars play “in between”. As happened to TV star Drew Carey and the late author of the animated series “The Simpsons” Sam Simon. Walking around Las Vegas, they once wandered off for lunch at Mandalay Bay Casino.

While they were preparing food, they plunged into gambling and blew $200,000 for two.

Phil Ivy.

Of course, this man has a real poker talent. He often competes in tournaments and even earned a WSOP bracelet. But that’s not what this is about. Phil Ivy also loves another game – baccarat, thanks to which he managed to beat as many as two casinos in Las Vegas. In one of them, the player made $9,600,000, and in the other, $12,000,000.

It wasn’t luck that contributed to his winnings, but his ability to watch. The player studied the cards on their tiny manufacturing defects, which allowed to cheat the casino. True, his cunning was proven, so the money wasn’t paid to him.

Andy Bloch.

While still a student, the player started thinking about how to beat the casino. Andy used mathematical techniques and even one famous poker game. As a result, he managed to create his own computer program, which allowed him to win six-card poker. Andy used it to play online casinos and in just six months he managed to earn a million dollars.

A little later he went offline and is now playing in poker tournaments around the world.

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Don Johnson.

This player played a trick. In 2011, he received the status of a high roller in Atlantic City institutions. According to the rules of local gaming clubs, all players who make high stakes, can enjoy certain bonuses. Don was given the opportunity to return 20% of lost money for an amount from $500,000 and could also make free bets if he proved the dealer’s mistake.

This is what the player was able to use to increase his capital. He managed to earn more than 5 million dollars, but after that he was no longer allowed on the doorstep of the institution, and the executive director of the casino was dismissed.

Billy Walters.

In 1986, this player managed to win over $3 million in roulette in just one night. How did he do it? A few days before his game, Billy sent hired people to the casino who closely watched every roulette at one of the Las Vegas casinos. Billy then calculated on which of the roulettes the same numbers fall on more often.

The result surpassed himself – Billy bet only a few numbers (7, 10, 20, 27, 38) and won big money.

Gonzalo Garcia Pelayo.

The former producer called the casino his main source of income. And that’s no surprise. Gonzalo frequents Las Vegas, where he is sure to play roulette. He first captures the results, and then calculates the most frequent drops. It’s allowed him to make $1,500,000.

As we can see, these players were able to beat the casino not only by luck, but also by their cunning. They proved that gambling can be easily won, it is enough just to watch a little bit.

Tiger Woods.

He became interested in gambling after he met the high rollers Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley. Woods is a very interesting gambler. In every casino in Las Vegas, he has a betting limit of $1 million. He can bet up to $25,000 at one table.

Often the player spends time at the casino in the company of the most beautiful girls. They, by the way, caused the divorce of Tiger Woods and his legal spouse. And she sued him for $750 million.

Michael Phelps.

Famous swimmer, owner of 22 Olympic medals, likes competition. In 2012, he became seriously involved in gambling. Michael was guided by the principle of not leaving the game until he won. And one day, he sat at a gaming table at the Baltimore Casino for eight consecutive hours.

Toby Maguire.

He never hid that he liked gambling. And by the way, he even made $10 million on it. Most of all Toby loves poker and often chooses underground games to get a sense of incredible excitement. By the way, the actor once even organized an illegal club, which gathered his star colleagues.

Ben Affleck.

He likes blackjack and poker. Often the actor takes part in championships and one of them even won. The celebrity never kept silent about his hobbies and shared his victories with fans.

Michael Jordan.

In 1993, the athlete said that he liked gambling. He called it his hobby and honestly admitted that he could afford to spend a lot of money on bets. After that Michael was often noticed at gambling tables of many casinos.

These gambling celebrities often go to casinos and easily spend money. For them, gambling is a way of having a great time and getting vivid emotions.

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